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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

to have blown a 0.12

I ask you - How can you not LOVE In Touch magazine? I mean, seriously!?! These photos are, of course, from Mel Gibson's little off-the-wagon bender the other night.

In the wake of Mel Gibson's shocking July 28 drunk-driving arrest, In Touch has exclusive details from that night. Earlier that evening, Mel, who has admitted "battling alcoholism all my life," drank wine at a dinner party, then talked with fellow patrons on the patio at Malibu's Moonshadows restaurant. "Mel had bloodshot eyes," Todd Hausberger of Phoenix tells In Touch. "He was slurring his words."

By 2 a.m. Mel decided to hit the road. "We all offered him rides and he shrugged it off," recalls Kimberly Lesak of Louisville, Ky. Police arrested Mel 36 minutes later for speeding and his blood-alcohol level was 0.12 - well above California's 0.08 legal limit.

You have to be pretty shit-housed to surpass the legal drinking limit, so for a man of Mel Gibson's size to have blown a 0.12 on the breathalyzer is, well - BLOWN!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Drank wine? That doesn't look like wine in his hand. He must have drank all of the wine, and then moved on to beer.

8/02/2006 11:24 AM  

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