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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


In other train wreck news, Lindsay Lohan and her orange vagina have reportedly been sacked by her UK record label, Island Records after she failed to promote her album, 'Speak'. Apparently executives at the label were furious that, after spending a boat load of money on the album, Lindsay Lohan and her orange vagina were too lazy to promote the damn thing.

According to The Sun -
An industry source told me: “A single was a huge flop over here because Lindsay couldn’t be bothered to get off her bum and promote it. In the end they didn’t even bother releasing the album, called Speak, in Britain. “She didn’t bother to come over to the UK to do interviews or make TV appearances to help sell the album.Island have now decided not to do another one with her.”

Now here's the thing - why is it that all of these little girls have to have their hands in every pie? Whatever happened to picking something that you're good at, and going with it? I mean, do you really have to be a quadruple threat? The only people that have any business spreading themselves so thin, are the ones that don't have any talent to begin with - you know, like Trash for example.

Oh, and here's the punchline to this whole thing - the single that Lindsay Lohan and her orange vagine did release - the one that completely flopped in the UK, was called 'Over'. How fitting - really!


Anonymous Kim said...

what a mess she is!

8/01/2006 6:58 PM  

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