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Thursday, August 10, 2006

heidi's muffin

Umm, ok SCARY. Can we discuss how absolutely terrifying Heidi Klum looks in this photo. I mean, would somebody please remind me not to have nightmares about this tonight. Seriously, what the fuck!?!

Everyone's favorite little wienerschnitzel visited The Early Show yesterday to discuss her latest venture - the eponymous bra that she is launching for Victoria's Secret. No, it's not called 'The Heidi' - it's called 'The Body', which was her nickname back when she ruled the runway - before she started pooping out babies every fifteen minutes.

Asked where the nickname 'The Body' came from, Klum says, "I don't know. It just kind of happened. I was one of the first new girls at Victoria's Secret when I started with them about seven years ago. They nicknamed me 'The Body' when I did the first Victoria's Secret fashion show with them. It was an honor for me. They put it in the paper. It was a big thing."

It turns out that the nickname 'The Body' replaced the nickname 'Muffin'. "I would eat so many muffins and brownies, but more muffins. Like every day I would have a muffin, so they'd call me the 'Muffin' because I was always stuffing my face with muffins. I love them because in Germany we have no muffins," she explains.
Now, I could be wrong here, but I thought that Muffin was slang for vajayjay - I'm just saying.


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Hot muffin!

8/10/2006 4:04 PM  

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