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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

guiness book of world records

When I was little I loved the Guiness Book of World Records. I especially enjoyed looking at the pictures - like the ones where crazy people had grown their hair or fingernails to be 9 feet long or something. Anyway, have you ever wondered what would happen if you wore 121 shirts at the same time? You get a world record.

And so it was that Will Sharp, a 25-year old native Washingtonian who revels in "the hilarity of the absurd," enlisted David Alexander, his friend and former roommate, to be his T-shirt dummy in an attempt to break a Guinness World Record for the most T-shirts worn at once.

The old record, set in Britain last year: 107.

Sharp and Alexander's record, set at Porter's Dining Saloon in Dupont Circle last month: 121.

Alexander, who weighs 210 pounds shirtless, tipped the scale at 285 pounds in full garb.

Hilarity of the absurd, indeed.

Sharp spent roughly two hours wrestling the tees -- which ranged in size from small to 8XL -- over his friend's head and arms, calling out each number as they progressed, per Guinness rules. In 93 degree heat on the bar's patio, Alexander sweat through the first 36 shirts.

The duo had wondered why the previous record holder had stopped at 107. By 60, they understood: The necks grew tight, the shoulders constricting, and the sleeves so long that Alexander couldn't bend his elbows.

It took 30 minutes and four guys with scissors to cut Alexander out of the cloth. All was documented on videotape, which the duo plans to send to Guinness to earn the official title.

For Alexander, going for the record was fun, if highly uncomfortable.

For Sharp, going for the record was "a dream come true." He designs Urban Outfitters-esque T-shirts; his company website,, includes a bio that boasts fictional Guinness Records (e.g. "most expensive orthodontist bill" and "spiking the most Middle School punch bowls"). "Just doing something so completely ridiculous, it fits me and my company perfectly," he says.

One might even say it fits to a T.

Source - The Washington Post


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