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Monday, June 26, 2006

hermès is posh

Lately it seems that every time I see a picture of Victoria Beckham, she’s carrying either an Hermès Birkin or Kelly bag. Call me shallow, but these are the types of things that I notice. I thought I’d put my theory to the test, so I sifted through some paparazzi photos and put together a little collage. We’ll call this her greatest hits. I guess they don’t call her Posh for nothin’.

I think that old Posh and I would get along just swell – although I would strongly encourage a little rhinoplasty action, and a good colorist. That two-tone nightmare has got to go. Also, I would probably end up trying to steal her husband - and then we wouldn't be friends anymore... ah well, the shopping would have been great while it lasted!


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