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Sunday, June 25, 2006

the short-glove half-glove

Ok, can we please discuss this whole short-glove half-glove look, and how it’s just really not a good one? I mean, come on Trash – what is this all about? Your stylist is no doubt trying to carve out a moment for herself – but she’s clearly not at all ready to play with Rachel Zoe and Jessica Paster or any of the other big girls. No - she’s making you look like even more of an anus, which I guess is a rather remarkable feat.

Now here’s the thing – Isn’t it pretty excruciating when someone desperately tries to do something original and avant-garde with their dress? I’ve encountered a decent number of these situations in recent years, and I always get so enormously embarrassed for the parties involved.

Without naming names I will say that one of my good friends once decided that he was going to wear a necktie as a belt. Um, not so much. Another good friend decided that it was a really great idea to start casually rockin’ the sweat bands on the forearms look. Again, not so much. I mean, I’m sorry but how does studying Homer and Demosthenes necessitate sweat bands? You’re not Roger Federer – work it the fuck out!

So yeah, Trash - this is not a good look! Remove the short-glove half-glove and then promptly have one of your people drag that two-bit stylist of yours into an alley and shoot her in the face. All the best!


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