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Monday, October 02, 2006

trash minge

Hopefully none of you will be eating lunch when you see these pictures - but if so, please accept my sincere apologies in advance. So seriously, Trash - what is going on with your minge? This is the second time that I have had to chronicle the bizarre ass goiter / distended meat curtains™, and I still can't wrap my head around this phenomenon. What the fuck?!?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

EW! It looks like saggy old lady ass, without the dimples. It's as if she had butt implants in there, and then had them removed, so that her deflated ass cheeks and their loose skin are dribbling down the backs of her thighs and below the hems of her dresses.
There's this song my friend Sarah and I used to love around 2nd or 3rd grade:
"Does your butt hang low, does it wobble to and fro,
Can you tie it in a knot, can you tie it in a bow?..."
... and so on. I think that song definitely applies to poor saggy Paris.

10/04/2006 10:51 PM  
Blogger Baby Jane said...

That's hot. I know that song - Sara (from ADP) and I used to sing that - except in our version it was "Does your dick hang low".

10/06/2006 11:16 PM  

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