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Friday, August 18, 2006

eating shit and backpedaling at record pace

Why does it seem that no one in Hollywood has balls these days? I mean, if you're going to have the balls to say something bitchy, then you had best have the balls to own it when you're called to task. I had a brief I heart SexyBack moment the other day when he sounded off on Crazy - but it seems that his comments went over like a lead balloon, and now he is eating shit and backpedaling at record pace.

Apparently neither Crazy nor his representatives have commented on the situation, but SexyBack's rep was quick with the bullshit excuses -

Ken Sunshine, Timberlake's representative, said the 25-year-old singer's comments "were taken completely out of context. He has tremendous affection for Taylor Hicks' success," Sunshine told The Associated Press on Thursday. "He would never say anything that personal about somebody he's never met. He only wishes him the best."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even if those comments were taken out of context, how could they possibly be interpreted as anything but bitchy? These press reps are f'ing retarded.

8/18/2006 1:38 PM  

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