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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

are you new?

In an interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer (stay with me), Marcia Cross recently took some jabs at Bawbwa Wawas regarding some hard hitting questions that she had to answer during an appearance on The View last year.

Marcia Cross is no fan of Barbara Walters. The “Desperate Housewives” star is still steaming that talk show doyenne asked her about widespread rumors that she’s a lesbian on “The View” last year. “I was not happy about it,” Cross recently told the Philippine Daily Inquirer. “My father, who’s 80-something, and my mother were in the front row of the audience.”

Walters warned Cross in advance that the sensitive subject would come up. “When I got backstage, Barbara Walters came up to me and said, ‘You know, I have to ask you about this.’ And I said, ‘Why do you have to ask me about this?’ ‘Well, it’s news.’ I was like, ‘It’s news?’ At which point my publicist came in and we sorted out how to deal with it.” That, however, didn’t placate Cross.

“My dad was in the front row going like this [the gestures], ‘What did they say? Are you a what?’” Cross said. “I just thought about Barbara, ‘You didn’t have to ask me that question. That was tabloid-y of you.’ I felt really used. So now I don’t really like looking at Barbara Walters.”

So here's the thing - I definitely agree that Bawbwa Wawas can be quite tabloidy, but seriously - is Marcia Cross new? I mean, if you purport to be a breeder - but have had gay rumors all over the rag mags, of course you're going to be questioned about it. Marcia Cross and her freckled vajayjay need to stop whining. Here is a clip of this scandalous (yawn) questioning - specifically at the 3 minute, 12 second mark...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barbara Walters is a bitch, and I think that is in really bad taste!

8/16/2006 4:55 PM  

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