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Saturday, May 20, 2006

museum of modern art

This morning Ian and I went to brunch with a couple of friends, Claire and Danielle and then the girls and I walked over to MoMA to soak up a little culture. I’ve always loved this museum, and was so relieved when it finally moved back to Manhattan. The glory of being a member of the museum, is that you get to skip the long lines, and pretty much walk right in – which was a big relief, especially on a Saturday.

We made our way through the
Photography collection, followed by the Architecture and Design galleries. My favorite pieces in MoMA’s permanent collection are nearly all paintings – which is where we headed next - to Painting and Sculpture. My favorite piece at MoMA is Cézanne’s 'The Bather', which is one of my absolute favorite paintings.

Paul Cézanne. (French, 1839-1906). The Bather. c. 1885.
Oil on canvas, 50 x 38 1/8" (127 x 96.8 cm). Lillie P. Bliss Collection

There is something so serene about this painting that has always affected me in a weird way. A picture doesn’t really do it justice – you have to see it in person to understand.

I’ve seen these paintings countless times, but the permanent collection at MoMA is so incredible that I could go there every Saturday and never tire of it.

A few of the other highlights (my favorites) follow –

Vincent van Gogh. (Dutch, 1853-1890). Portrait of Joseph Roulin. Arles, early 1889.
Oil on canvas, 25 3/8 x 21 3/4" (64.4 x 55.2 cm).

Jackson Pollock. (American, 1912-1956). One: Number 31, 1950. 1950.
Oil and enamel on unprimed canvas, 8' 10" x 17' 5 5/8" (269.5 x 530.8 cm).

René Magritte. (Belgian, 1898-1967). The Lovers. 1928.
Oil on canvas, 21 3/8 x 28 7/8" (54 x 73.4 cm).

Edward Hopper. (American, 1882-1967). Night Windows. 1928.
Oil on canvas, 29 x 34" (73.7 x 86.4 cm).

Roy Lichtenstein. (American, 1923-1997). Girl with Ball. 1961.
Oil and synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 60 1/4 x 36 1/4" (153 x 91.9 cm).


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