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Friday, May 19, 2006

the devil wears prada

I’m really looking forward to the opening of The Devil Wears Prada next month – as in, I totally plan on an outing on the opening night. I freely admit that Miss Anna’s is the altar at which I pray, but I really love the idea of the monster Wintour. I enjoyed the book, not because it was well written (it’s not), but for the pure camp factor. The movie is bound to be better – yeeeaaah Meryl.

A few months ago I read an article, in The New Yorker strangely enough, about how AW was taking the upcoming film release in stride, and had considered sending up a big fuck you to Lauren Weisberger, by throwing a party with Prada freebies etc. However more recently I’ve read that her camp has been tight lipped about the impending doom, and that no one in the industry is really talking about it – lest they bear her wrath – aka hellfire and brimstone.

If anyone else shares my love of Miss Anna, I recommend her unauthorized biography – some light summer reading. Coincidentally, I saw her daughter (who just completed her freshman year at my Alma Mater) a few months ago at brunch, and she is stunning. Anyway, I couldn’t find the movie trailer online, but this video montage is totally hot.


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