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Saturday, November 04, 2006

sex and the city movie

Remember all of that talk about a possible Sex and The City movie - and the rumor that Kim Cattrall was bitter about something and refused to participate? Well now it seems that HBO has recently reopened negotiations with the cast, and that a movie might actually be on the not too distant horizon. My guess is that Cattrall is probably bummed that her star has not really risen since the end of the show - and has now come back with her vajayjay between her legs.

According to The Advocate -
Although fans had long given up hope of ever seeing Sex and the City on the big screen since the series ended in 2004, the U.S. edition of OK! magazine reported that the project may actually become a reality.

An unnamed studio source revealed that "substantial negotiations have opened with each of the stars' teams this week," OK! reported. "Obviously, there is still a lot to be worked out contractually, but it would be amazing to get this project off the ground. There is no doubt that fans cannot wait to see them all reunited."
Rumors have persisted since the show's ending that Kim Cattrall was the lone holdout during early negotiations due to the lack of a complete script and perceived unfair compensation for the principal cast. Sources indicate that enough time has passed and that all four stars are willing to put aside their differences to make the film happen.
Interested in testing your own Sex and The City knowledge? Take the quiz - and find out where you stand. I scored 100% - yep, big fag - big, huge. I have to go shopping now.


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