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Sunday, January 07, 2007

a bastardisation of the brand!

Burberry has decided to close one of their factories in south Wales this March - switching production to China, and taking jobs from some 300 people. Apparently this move has gotten Emma Thompson's vajayjay into a considerable twist.

"At a time when it behoves all businesses to set their ethics in order and put honourable practice above profit, I call upon Burberry to reconsider their decision," she said. "When I buy clothes, I always check to see where they are made.

"When an item that is so clearly branded as British to the core is 'Made in China', I'm afraid that I often put that article straight back, suspecting corporate greed and unacceptably low wage packets for the producers of that article.

"Burberry should not make this move: it will brand itself as greedy, unethical and -- perhaps most importantly for the profile of the company -- inauthentic. "By staying in Wales and honouring a contract that has long been held with the workers there, it will retain its code of decency and high standards. "Anything else is a betrayal of the workforce and a bastardisation of the brand."

Jesus woman - what, you think that just because you have two Academy Awards, you can go spouting off your opinions?!? In other simply scandalous Burberry news, Cocaine Kate is currently starring in her tenth Burberry ad campaign. I mean, cocaine and the fashion industry? It's like oil and... oil.


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