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Monday, November 13, 2006

hermés gustaf daniel giersch

I seriously hope that you're sitting down for this next one. If not, do yourself a huge favor, and sit your ass down post haste! Do we all remember Kelly Rutherford - you know, from Melrose Place? Well it turns out that she gave birth to her first son last month, and named him... are you ready for this? Hermés. Yes people, as in THAT Hermés. Hermés Gustaf Daniel Giersch. I'm seriously blushing for them - and big time. How utterly (and horrendously) embarrasing! I mean, how cute - a baby to match your bag...

To me, this is even more embarrassing than my parents neighbors who are (keep in mind) very white and also quite wealthy - and who named one of their daughters Shanelle. Pronounced Chanel. Please excuse me while I go cut myself.


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